How Many Car Accidents Happen in Hanover, PA?

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It’s essential to pay attention to car accident statistics because of how many people utilize Pennsylvania's network of roads. Doing so helps drivers and officials increase their awareness of the dangers of driving in the state. Pennsylvania has over 120,000 miles of roads and highways which residents use each day. The state’s roads were the location of 128,188 reported crashes. These accidents claimed the lives of 1,137 people.

About 351 accidents happen daily in Pennsylvania. So, about 15 vehicle accidents occur each hour. Of the 12.8 million people who live in Pennsylvania, 1 out of 44 experienced a traffic accident in 2017.

How many of these accidents happen in or near Hanover?

Car Accidents in Hanover, PA

While there are no publicly available data sets focused on the borough of Hanover, the state records information about accidents in York County. York is the eighth-most populated county in Pennsylvania, so it has plenty of roads for accidents to happen on.

In 2017, York County had the following accident statistics:

  • 4,794 reported accidents
  • 2,007 accidents caused injury
  • 2,751 accidents which caused property damage
  • 36 fatalities

Notably, York County had 4,794 crashes in 2017 represent some of the most of any county in the state. In 2017, York County had the tenth most accidents out of 67 counties across the state.

York County & Surrounding Areas Most Dangerous for Drivers in PA

Pennsylvania has seen an increase in fatal car accidents over recent years. However, York County and surrounding areas had a significant spike in accidents between 2017 and 2018. PennDOT divides the counties of Pennsylvania into engineering districts. District 8, which contains York County had 198 accident fatalities in 2017. Fatalities spiked to 221 in 2018, representing the largest increase from any district in the area. Other counties included in this district include Perry, Cumberland, Franklin, Adams, Dauphin, Berks, Lebanon, and Lancaster.

Answers Are Available After Fatal Accidents

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