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There are four work injuries that are so common, so deadly, that they’re known collectively as the “Fatal Four.” They’re responsible for nearly 1,000 deaths a year in the construction industry alone. The other reason they’re known is that because each of them is preventable. By far, the most common of the fatal injuries? Falling. Falling accounts for nearly a third of the workplace deaths in construction in 2016. Falling is also a serious hazard in plants, refineries, and any workplace that has stairs or scaffolds. In each of these workplaces, companies must provide safety railing, harnesses, or other fall-prevention methods whenever reasonable.

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The Lifelong Injuries Caused by Workplace Falls

Falls from a height are traumatic events. Factors like age, hardness of landing surface, and body part to make initial impact can make the difference between life or death. For those who survive falls from a height, they’re facing a lifetime of medical costs, lost wages, and diminished earning capacity. Grieving families face the same, as well as the lifelong loss of companionship that follows grief.

Injuries resulting from falls include the following:

Companies are ultimately responsible for the safety of their workers. When workplaces are left without safety railings or safe practices, workers need to hold their employers accountable for their fall-related losses. It’s the only way that people with lifelong injuries will be able to recover what they need—and it’s the only way for regular people to force companies to change their practices.

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